Christmas-Wedding: Nuptials at the Feast of Love

White Christmas… A romantic wedding…

Actually, both could go together so wonderfully: With some luck the landscape is covered in deep white snow, everything is glowing and glittering… To celebrate a wedding in this fairy tale setting – a wonderful idea!

White wedding in a white setting… Sounds wonderful, but could be difficult.
Photo: DAvid Mark, Pixabay


Because the magical idea bears some risks:

While Christmas used to be snowy, nowadays are often grey and muddy. No, it´s not a brilliant thought to be wading through the mud in a beautiful white dress and highheels.

Hotels, castles, restaurants are beautifully decorated during the holiday season. Here you probably don´t have to provide much decoration yourself.

During the year you have to book your desired location far in advance, but at Christmas it is probably impossible. The favorite locations are often blocked for Christmas parties.

Guest list:
At Christmas, renegade friends from distant lands or cities return home. Everyone wants to celebrate the holidays with family. So friends who live far away from you would not have to travel home especially for your wedding.

Most people are completely “booked out” for Christmas. They rush from Christmas party to family celebrations…

Photo moments:
The bridal couple at the open fireplace, everything is glittering, the candles are lit… A pretty picture. But: Outdoor picture moments without snow could be difficult.

Stress factor:
The Advent season is no longer a “silent” time. Everybody is stressed out preparing Christmas. To add the preparation of a wedding could end up stressful.


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