Weddingdress Purchasse

The wedding day is your day: You are a Princess: magically beautiful – with a tiny touch of sex appeal and yet reserved…. all in white or with a hint of colour… floor-length or do you prefer mini?

The wedding dress is the most important item for the bride. When she walks down the isle she wants to look ravishingly beautiful.

What points do you have to consider when buying clothes?
We’ll tell you:

Make it a beautiful ritual – with lots of time and muse. So: Starting early is important.

Many dresses have a long delivery time: up to 6 months. Therefore: Shop in time.
In our countdown planner we recommend the purchase 6 months before the wedding.

Of course you have to take into account: Will your figure change until the wedding? If the bride is pregnant, you should definitely take this into account. The specialist sellers have great solutions here.

Collect photos of dresses you fancy. This helps during the selecion.

Choosing the dress alone is no fun. And you want to hear opinions.
Limit yourself to two or three companions. It’s always nice to take your mom to the store and of course sisters and best friends. Their shiny eyes when you exit the dressing room: priceless.

Shopping plan:
Which bridal fashion shop do you visit when….
Don’t push too many into one afternoon. Otherwise there will be a hectic rush.

Dress from the cheap online retailer?
On photos they look sensationally great and the prices seem unbeatable. But beware! Horror stories are circulating on the net: The dress doesn’t come in time and most of the time the dress doesn’t look as good as on the photo: The quality and the cut are poor.

On-site appointment:
The owners of the bridal fashion shops are happy when you come (almost) without make-up. This way you won´t leave stains on the dresses. Wear white underwear and take shoes with the heel you would like to wear at the wedding.

Many bridal boutiques do not appreciate photos being taken. Ask before. Of course: once you have chosen your dress pictures are allowed.

Well. The range is huge: from 500 Euro to 5000 Euro. Alterations will be charged extra. With our budget planner you can enter the price for your favorite wedding dress and see whether it fits into your wedding budget.

The selection is large. You’re afraid of being spoilt for choice.
But you will see: the right dress is a matter of feeling. You will see yourself in the mirror and know: “Bingo! That’s it!” Also the look in the eyes of your companions will say: Yes. That’s it! Prepare for tears – tears of joy, tears of emotion.

Looking for wonderful bridal boutiques?
We´ve got a few for you…..

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