Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue

All these things should be carried by the bride. This Victorian custom is to ensure that the marriage is happy forever and that the money never runs out:

Something old:
In order never to lose the loving connection to the family in spite of a new phase of life, the bride wears something “old” – mostly hereditary jewellery, e.g. her grandmother’s wedding ring.

Something new:
Something new stands for the start into a new life, into happiness in marriage. Something “new” is usually the wedding dress or the wedding bouquet.

Something borrowed:
The loan comes from a friendly, happily married couple or family members. It is supposed to transfer happiness to the newlyweds. For example, the loan can be a piece of jewellery.

Something blue:
The colour blue used to stand for purity and fidelity and was therefore important during the wedding. Usually the bride puts on a blue garter.

A lucky penny in a shoe:
Of course the penny, the lucky penny in the shoe, stands for the fact that the happy couple will never run out of money.

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