Savings tips for a great wedding

A wedding is one of the most beautiful and meaningful events in your life. So it should be beautiful. A dream wedding. And it costs. A wedding is certainly the most expensive celebration you will have. But it is worth every penny!

You can still save a little here and there – without sacrificing quality. Here are a few great saving-ideas:

Great ideas for some savings for your dream wedding. Foto: Maria Weihs Pixabay

The Planning:

Start your planning early. Because the most beautiful locations are quickly booked out – especially the good value locations.


If you get married during the high season, you will probably have to pay more for location, band and photographer. Therefore: if you don’t mind a wedding in winter, you can certainly negotiate better prices.


Wie wäre es mit einer Hochzeit in eurem Garten oder im Garten eurer Eltern? Gut: der Pfarrer müsste mitspielen. Eine rein standesamtliche Hochzeit ist hier freilich viel einfacher. Den Garten kann man zauberhaft dekorieren. Und man kann den Sektempfang direkt im Anschluss im Garten abhalten.

How about a wedding in your garden?. Foto: Schanin Pixabay


Ask friends for help decorating your location. Selects flowers that are regionally available depending on the season. For table decorations, there are rental services that can provide you with flowers according to your budget.

Consider to work with a professional decorator. Tell him/her your budget and you can plan accordingly.

Wedding Dress:

Yes. It should be your dream dress. But does it have to be new? Remember: you will (probably) only wear it once. There are great boutiques that offer second-hand bridal wear.

Or: How about a nice white dress that you can wear later on to other occasions? Friends of mine celebrated a traditional wedding and the bride wore a stunning creamy white Dirndl which she was able to wear to other events after the wedding.

Choose a wedding dress which you can wear later at other events. Foto: Julian Kern Pixabay

Wedding Reception:

Hold the champagne reception after the wedding ceremony at the same location where you will celebrate later on. That way you save expenses for the transport.

The Menue:

Don´t offer too many options. This only makes the choice for your guests more complicated. If you want to serve meat, choose chicken. Chicken is cheaper than beef or fish.

A buffet is usually much cheaper than a served menu.

Consult with your caterer. They usually have great ideas for a tasty yet inexpensive meals.


Do you have a good source of supply for your favourite wine? But here it is important to negotiate the “corkage money” with your caterer. There are huge differences from 5 to 30 Euro per bottle.

Wedding cake:

Does it have to be the Conditor’s multi-level? Ask your friends for a cake buffet.

Ask your friends to bake your favorite cakes. Foto: Tom und Nicki Löschner Pixabay


A good DJ heats up the party and is cheaper than a band. Maybe you even have a friend who would like to organize the music?

Would you like to include a special show as for example a firework? Your could ask your friends for a firework as a wedding gift. They are surely happy for a gift-advice and you can enjoy the special entertainment.

Wedding planner:

Do consult a wedding planner! A wedding planner can work with your budget and he or she will guarantee a stressfree party. They usually have great ideas for extra saving strategies.

Budget planner:

Use our free budget planner here on the website and app. This way you will always have an eye on your spendings.

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