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An interview with wedding photographer Claudia Ebeling

Wedding photos. A point on the Weddingplanning list that should not be missed at all. Claudia Ebeling captures the small and big dream moments for eternity and gives you some tips when it comes to choosing the right photographer, chatting with us out of the box and sharing her very personal favorite moments with us.

Dear Claudia, you have been a wedding photographer since 2014. How did you come to specialize in capturing these very special moments?

Even as a child I have always noticed a lot of moments around me, especially the interpersonal ones. I’m talking about small moments, the moments between the moments… and quite often I wished I could take photos with my eyes.

What is the magic of wedding photography for you?

It’s the atmosphere of the whole day. It has something uplifting for me to see how other people are happy and show their love openly. In the morning, while getting ready, the girlfriends of the bride, who always give her loving looks. The boys at the groom’s next door give out a rather appreciative pat on the back. The moment when the bridal couple sees each other for the first time and they can hardly believe their happiness. The grandmother of the bride, who embraces her granddaughter after the marriage ceremony in an exuberant way and doesn’t know where to go with herself with emotion. The friends and families who help shape the day, think things over, prepare things and help out. All this makes the magic for me.

Which wedding did you remember the most and why?

At each of my weddings, I could probably list at least one goose bump moment that I remember most. But that would go beyond the scope. 😊 It’s difficult for me to highlight one in particular, because every wedding is individual and different. That’s one of the things that makes the job of a wedding photographer so beautiful and varied.

Can you remember the most extraordinary request you’ve ever had?

“Hello Claudia, I would like to surprise my daughter-in-law on the day of the wedding with alpacas. Would that be ok for you and is that a nice motif? What do you think?” My answer to this kind of request is always: Yes! When it comes to animals and the well-being of the animals is in the foreground, I am always directly fire and flame. In the case of the alpaca surprise, for example, the animals were not brought directly to the guests so that they would not be stressed. They were stroked exclusively by the bridal couple (and the photographer höhö).

What a great idea! These are certainly beautiful photos! What do you like to photograph best? Which wedding moment should you capture in any case?

Well, I personally always find the time very nice when I do the portraits with my bridal couple. This is actually the only part of the day where the two are alone and can enjoy the “togetherness” – scurrying around with me somewhere in the background while I record the togetherness 😀 As you probably saw, I don’t make anything out of posed couple photos, but always try to create natural moments where the bride and groom are mainly engaged with each other. But I also give small instructions or we talk and walk while I take pictures.
From my point of view the “Getting ready” is always very worth capturing and one of my favourite day points. When the couples get their photos, they see for the first time how the other one spent his morning. I find the thought very beautiful.

Let´s get to business! What would you say: What thoughts should you give when looking for a wedding photographer?

On the one hand you should look for someone, who fits humanly to you. And on the other hand the creative style of the photographer should also appeal to you. If you scroll through the portfolio, you should be able to find yourself in his work. You will remember your whole life looking at the photos from the perspective of your wedding photographer, so it is essential that you like the way the photographer works and that you get along well.

Wedding reports – what can you imagine?

This means that the photographer is present at all points of the day that are important to the bridal couple and captures them photographically: The styling, the wedding ceremony, the congratulations, the wedding location, the decoration, the group photos, the cake buffet, the first dance, etc.

When do I take the photos of the bridal couple? What are the possibilities?

A very popular variant is the following: Before the wedding ceremony we capture the moment when the bride and groom see each other for the first time and directly hang a small portrait session on it. The makeup is still fresh and the excitement floats in the air. I like to plan the second part of the portrait session for the evening – depending on the time of year and the daily schedule, this could be the time between main course and dessert. The sun is low and conjures a butter-soft light for us, the bridal couple is already super relaxed and the mood is relaxed. Wonderful!

Afterweddingshootings. What is that?

This means that you have to set a separate date to do the couple shooting. The advantages of an After Wedding Shooting are, for example, that you can also choose a dream location which is further away. Also the time of day is freely selectable here and of course I particularly praise the evening light here as always. This warm beautiful light cannot be replaced by anything. You also have the possibility to postpone the shooting if the weather doesn’t play along. Of course you have to think about whether you feel like throwing yourself into full gear again and have g.g.f. make another bridal bouquet.

How much budget should you plan for the wedding photos?

It’s hard to make a general statement because the price is made up of different factors. For example if you book one photographer or two. In my case I always bring a second shooter from my team on weddings from 6 hours escort time. One should also consider the following: How many hours do I need the photographer. Which equipment does the photographer use? How much experience does he bring with him or how long has he been doing his job? Does the photographer his job full-time or in the sideline. What is included in the package price etc.? The best thing is to set a budget for yourself or think about what these memories are worth and what you expect from your photographer.

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