How to choose the right Wedding Planner

A Wedding Planner will make sure you have a wonderful, stressfree Dream-Wedding. But how do you choose the right partner for you:

The Recognition Game

How well do the bride and groom know each other? They can prove it by playing this funny game.

Savings tips for a great wedding

Great ideas for savings for your dream wedding:

Happy Couple Ritual

Check out this easy and beautiful Happy-Couple-Ritual:

Getting married in Dubai.

Getting married in Dubai? Check out this exotic location:


Wedding Anniversary: We have the full list for you:

Favorite Wedding-Songs

Here is the list of most precious songs for your romantic wedding:

Greenery – the latest wedding trend.

Greenery stands for green, for nature, for natural beauty, for freedom, for environmental awareness and for a new beginning, because spring, when nature awakens to new life, stands for a new beginning. A wedding is also a new beginning. Together you are starting into a wonderful future. With a “green” wedding the happy couple is […]

Eucalyptus: Wedding trend with cleansing symbol

Eucalyptus bouquets and eucalyptus decoration for the wedding have been very popular for a few years now. Why?

Weddingdress Purchasse

The bridal gown is the most important item for the bride. When you walk down the isle you want to look gorgeous.

Good advice for the right dress? We´ve got it:

Cindarellas Shoe

This is a fun game to start the dance and to get to know the other guests: Every lady takes one of her shoes off and puts it into the middle of the dance floor. The gentlemen then pick one shoe and tries to find the matching other shoe and its lady. Once he finds […]

Wedding Game: Balloon-Dance

Many of us know the balloon dance from kids parties. But the game is also fun for adults. Many dance-couples compete on the dance flor: Each dance couple has to hold a balloon with their heads – while dancing – no hands allowed! Whomever looses the balloon is out of the game. The winner is […]

Favourite Wedding-Cities in the US

Is Las Vegas the most popular wedding-city in the US? Nope! Check out number one….

The Wedding Decoration

Advertising Guest article by Katharina Trögl from Allure Design Part of a perfect wedding is the perfect decoration – and it is certainly one of the most elaborate points during the preparation of the celebration: colours must be chosen, a style must be defined. We have great tips for a beautiful, quick and inexpensive decoration […]

Cocktail reception: The cool brother of champagne reception

The classic champagne reception is somehow part and a must-have event at every wedding. If you are looking for a cool alternative to get your guests in the mood for the party? How about a cocktail reception? We’ll show you how to bring a little savoire vivre to your party and tell you our favourite […]

When mommy or mother-in-law interfere with your wedding planning.

“You can’t possibly have a small wedding! You have to invite Uncle Fritz, Aunt Emma, the cousin from Dortmund!” “And the location…. No way!” If mummy or mother-in-law get involved in the wedding preparations and don’t really share your ideas of your dream wedding, the anticipation of the wonderful event can quickly become clouded. Why […]

Love Poems

“I love you to the moon & back!”We have the most beautiful declarations of love-collection for you:

A dream in red

A bride in red. Stunning! Here are some fun facts!

Photos for eternity

Wedding photos. A point on the Weddingplanning list that should not be missed at all. Claudia Ebeling captures the small and big dream moments for eternity and gives you some tips when it comes to choosing the right photographer, chatting with us out of the box and sharing her very personal favorite moments with us.

Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue

All these things should be carried by the bride. This Victorian custom is to ensure that the marriage is happy forever and that the money never runs out.

Throw rice at the wedding

When the newly wed couple leaves the church, the guests throw rice at them. Why?

Collecting pennies for the bridal shoe

In former times, girls from early childhood collected pennies in a beautiful container to be able to pay for their bridal shoe later.

Sawing a log

To & Fro…. Up & Down…. The newly wed couple has to saw a log…. But why?

The Letsch

The priest used to anounce the names of the soon to be wed couple…. But why?

The wedding eve

The wedding-eve party used to take place the day before the wedding. Today it is usually celebrated at least one week before the wedding.

The bridal bouquet

The bridal bouquet is beautiful – but it also has a funny tradition.

Bride abduction

Why is the bride being “kidnapped” during the wedding?

About crybabies, flash mobs and melting hearts

Why weddings make me cry….. happy tears: