How to choose the right Wedding Planner

Should I ever geht married again, I would definitely hire a wedding planner.

Planning a wedding is a long and complex task to do. It takes about a year and since you usually don’t really know your way around the metièr, you have a lot of research and comparing prices coming up. You have to look at locations and book in time, so that another bridal couple does not snatch the dream location away.

A stress-free wedding: Your Wedding-Planner will make sure you can relax and enjoy your big day. Photo: Pixabay

But surely a wedding planner is expensive…!?
Well, if you consider how much time the planner takes off your hands, every cent is well invested. In addition, good planners often have a good connection to all suppliers and can possibly negotiate the best price for you. They know the best locations and take care of a reservation in time. But the most important argument for the planner: Nerves!!! You spare your nerves and don’t regularly have almost-nervous-breakdowns. The closer you get to your big day, the more nervous you get… …and that’s quite normal. It will be your most wonderful day in the start of your life together. Everything should be perfect. And on the day of the day the planner is present, takes care of the decoration and makes sure that everything runs smoothly.

Lean back and enjoy your wedding. The wedding-planner will take care of your needs. Photo: Pixabay


How do you choose your ideal planner?
The chemistry must fit! Remember that you will spend a lot of time together and they will accompany you on a very emotional journey. If the sympathy doesn’t fit, carefree planning might not be that carefree.


It is important for you – and also for the planner – to think about what kind of wedding you want to celebrate:

*Big or rather small and intimate?
* Modern or rather vintage?
* How much budget do you have?
* Do you want to travel far for the wedding and party?

Once you have agreed on these basic questions you can meet with some wedding planners. The first consultation is free.

  • What is your first impression? Do you like the planner (and his/her team)?
  • Does the planner understand your wishes or do you feel that you are talking at cross purposes?
  • Costs: Does the planner agree with your budget or would you like to increase it?
  • Price: What will the services of the planner cost?
  • Ask for references. The planners have albums with service examples.
  • What (good) suggestions does the planner have for you? A creative planner who has understood your wishes comes up with a whole range of magical ideas.
  • How often and how regularly will you meet for briefings?

And very important:
The wedding planner should be from the area where you are planning to get married. If you want to get married in the Caribbean, a local wedding planner is a good idea. Because only he knows all the facts and has the insider tips for you.


Enjoy your wedding…. and the planning. Photo: Pixabay


After the consultations take your choice: Which planner seemed professional to you and gave you a good and confident feeling. It is important that both partners like the planner.


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