Greenery – the latest wedding trend.

Greenery stands for green, for nature, for natural beauty, for freedom, for environmental awareness and for a new beginning, because spring, when nature awakens to new life, stands for a new beginning.

A wedding is also a new beginning. Together you are starting into a wonderful future.

Photo: engin akyurt on Pixabay

With a “green” wedding the happy couple is also setting a sign: The bridal couple communicates that they respect the environment and would like to enjoy an environmentally conscious life together.

Greenery is celebrated as the ultimate decoration trend – no matter what the occasion….. and of course especially at weddings.

Green as decoration.
Green twigs can be wonderfully decorated over long tables and are relatively inexpensive as green grows everywhere. And if you add a colourful flower here and there, it looks particularly noble. Gypsophila is wonderfully suitable and the eucalyptus also has a cleansing aura (see blog on eucalyptus).

Even the wedding cake can be beautifully decorated with a few eucalyptus leaves.

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