Getting married in Dubai.

Exotically beautiful: Your Dream of 1000 and one night.

Can you imagine a more beautiful wedding? A backdrop like in “1001 Nights”, orientally beautiful, the sun is shining and the celebration advances smoothly into the honeymoon.

Getting married in Dubai seems to be a trend. Of course, it is only fully perfect when friends and family join the journey and combine the wonderful occasion with a wonderful holiday.

Exotic Dubai. Photo: Pixabay

We have a few tips for your 1001 night wedding in Dubai:

In order not to melt away in the exhausting heat in your wedding dress with perfect make-up and hairstyle, the optimal travel time for Dubai is between October and May. But beware: Christmas, New Year and Easter should be avoided. At this time the locations are fully booked or very expensive. It should also be noted that there are Islamic festivals where alcohol is strictly forbidden – even in hotels with an alcohol license.

If you want to celebrate a luxury wedding, Dubai is the place to be. The locations in Dubai meet the highest standards to celebrate your day.

Since one is usually not familiar with the best locations and the most wonderful ideas for a wedding in Dubai, it is advisable to consult a wedding planner on site. Depending on your taste and budget, he/she can prepare a dream wedding. Your hotel will also be happy to help.

Wedding attire:
Dubai provides the most beautiful bridal boutiques and chic menswear shops. Again, we recommend asking the local wedding planner for advice: How quickly will I get my wedding dress once I have chosen the model. For the gentlemen this question is not so difficult: they can usually take their chic suit directly with them.

To have a legal wedding in Dubai, you have to present various documents and meet various requirements depending on your nationality, e.g:

  • One of the partners must be a native of the United Arab Emirates.
  • Certain procedures apply if one of the partners is not of Islamic faith.
  • Same sex marriage is not permitted in Dubai.

If you want to avoid the paperwork, you can marry “legally” at home and have an exotic ceremony in Dubai.

And there are wonderful settings here:

  • On the beach
  • In the dunes
  • In the hotel garden
  • On a yacht
Getting married in Dubai?m We have some great tips for you:
Wedding with a romantic view. Photo: Pixabay

Because of the strict alcohol regulations, the ceremony and party usually takes place in the hotel.
It is therefore an advantage to choose the hotel according to its location: Would you like to get married on the beach? Then a beach resort would be recommendable.

Wedding on the beach in Dubai. Photo: Pixabay

Well, Dubai is one of the most luxurious destinations in the world. Of course you can celebrate a small, family wedding in Dubai. But if you choose Dubai as your wedding destination, you usually want to enjoy luxury to the full. And there are no upper limits to the budget. A local wedding planner can act best if you give him or her a budget and the most important points of your wedding.

A rough overview of the costs in Dubai:

  • In a 5 star house, the wedding costs about 85 to 150 dollars per person
  • A good photographer is around $2,500
  • Makeup and hair for the bride about $500
  • Flower decoration, depending on the size of the wedding: about 1000 dollars

In any case, we recommend booking a regional wedding planner: He/she knows all the local customs, they can negotiate better prices locally. They know the best locations and have charming and exotic ideas ready.

How to get there:
For example Emirates flies to Dubai from almost every major city in the world.
Please check possible visa requirements!

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