Favourite Wedding-Cities in the US

Getting married in the U.S.?
Many America fans are considering sharing their promise for a lifetime in the US. Is Las Vegas the favourite wedding-city in the US? Many Hollywood Blockbuster were shot here…. But NO: Las Vegas is only number 2 of the most popular wedding cities in America.

Here’s the list of the favourite wedding-cities in the US:

Place 1:
Orlando, Florida

Second place:
Las Vegas, Nevada

Photo: skeeze Pixabay

Third place:
Los Angeles, California

Fourth place:
Atlanta, Georgia

5th place:
Miami, Florida

Sixth place:
San Francisco, California

7th place:
Chicago, Illinois

8th place:
San Diego, California

9th place:
New York, New York

10th place:
Austin, Texas

Source: www.wallethub.com


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