Favorite Wedding-Songs

“Our song!”: The favourite wedding songs:

The song that is played when the bride walks down the aisle or when the bride and groom say yes to each other at the registrar is a very special song. It warms the heart and feelings and literally noone can hold back a tear.

The song “Ave Maria” is probably the most played song. But how about something very personal? A song, that reminds the couple of a very precious moment and will be in their harts for the rest of their lives?

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Here are some very special songs:

* All of me: John Legend
* One: Ed Sheeran
* Greatest Love Of All: Whitney Houston
* Make You Feel My Love: Adele
* Ave Maria: Beyoncé
* A thousand Years: Christina Perry
* Stay With Me: Sam Smith
* How long will I love you: Ellie Goulding
* Hallelujah: Jeff Buckley
* Marry You: Bruno Mars
* Better Together: Jack Johnson
* Say you won’t let go: James Arthur
* Take my hand: Emily Hackett
* She’s the one: Robbie Williams

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