Eucalyptus: Wedding trend with cleansing symbol

Eucalyptus bouquets and eucalyptus decoration for the wedding have been very popular for a few years now. Why?

The eucalyptus shimmers beautifully in all shades of green and it has a very pleasant smell – calming and stimulating at the same time. The bridal bouquet with eucalyptus is therefore a perfect match: the calming effect helps the bride through exciting hours.

The eucalyptus is also said to have a cleansing effect.

Photo: naaac Pixabay

The colour – green – plays an increasingly important role at weddings: green stands for Greenery, the new wedding trend to celebrate environmentally conscious. Green stands for nature; green stands for a new beginning.

Professional decorators take the eucalyptus and combine it with bright flowers, such as white roses.

While the eucalyptus used to be a cheap extra for flower bouquets it is slightly more expensive today, due to the high demand…. but still very affordable especially for a sumptuous decoration.

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