Savings tips for a great wedding

Great ideas for savings for your dream wedding:

Getting married in Dubai.

Getting married in Dubai? Check out this exotic location:

Greenery – the latest wedding trend.

Greenery stands for green, for nature, for natural beauty, for freedom, for environmental awareness and for a new beginning, because spring, when nature awakens to new life, stands for a new beginning. A wedding is also a new beginning. Together you are starting into a wonderful future. With a “green” wedding the happy couple is […]

Eucalyptus: Wedding trend with cleansing symbol

Eucalyptus bouquets and eucalyptus decoration for the wedding have been very popular for a few years now. Why?

Cocktail reception: The cool brother of champagne reception

The classic champagne reception is somehow part and a must-have event at every wedding. If you are looking for a cool alternative to get your guests in the mood for the party? How about a cocktail reception? We’ll show you how to bring a little savoire vivre to your party and tell you our favourite […]