Bride abduction

During the wedding ceremony, the bride is kidnapped by the groom’s friends. The group used to move from pub to pub and the groom had to pay the bill. Of course, that was a bit of a hiccup every now and then, because when the kidnapping lasts for hours, the other guests are disappointed. In addition, there were kidnappings from time to time, which ended with the full intoxication of the kidnapping group.

Today, one or two locations are usually arranged and the groom usually has to fulfil a task to trigger the bride. This could be singing a song, performing a dance or something similar.

In Austria, the bridegroom likes to sing a Gstanzl to trigger.

There are speculations about the origin of this custom and they are rather unpleasant: In the Middle Ages the nobility reserved the right to deflower the bride, who was a subject. So the bride was picked up….

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