A dream in red

A wedding in red… Too brave? Too bold? Not possible at all? The bride must wear white? In the Internet someone wrote: “Marrying in red is only something for ‘older’ ladies or women who have been married before….” Hello?! What a nonsense!

The bride in red. Spectacular! Photo: meriningelinlikleri

Fact check:
In ancient Rome the bride wore a flame-red veil, the “Flammeum”. The Flammeum brought wealth and love to the happy couple – forever. But when Queen Victoria married in 1840 completely in white all the other ladies wanted to get married in white, as well.

A bride in red will have all the attention. Photo: meriningelinlikleri

In India the bride definitely wears red. In India red is the colour of happiness.

More and more brides in Europe choose red….. or at least a two coloured dress. And honostly: don´t you agree: a bride in red is to die for.

Courageous? Of course! Wide eyes at church, when the bride walks down the aisle in flaming red because she looks stunningly beautiful!

Scarlett O’Hara would envy you. Photo: Scarlett O’Hara

We applaud the beautiful brides in red. Would you dare?

Looking for your dream-weddingdress?
We´ve got some inspiration for you…..

Foto: Thomas Ratkevicius Pixabay

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